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There are 6 different ways Distributors can earn money with the Body FX Direct business opportunity:

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Retail profits from sales to customers
Distributors can earn up to a 25% retail profit on the products which retail customers purchase through their BodyFX product website.
Weekly Fast Start Bonus commissions
BodyFX pays weekly Fast-Start Commissions each time a Fast-Start Product Pack is purchased by a new Rep who falls within the first five levels of your organization.
Uni-Level commissions
Uni-Level Commission are paid monthly on the sales and purchases of up to nine levels of distributors within your organization. (with roll-up and compression.)
Infinity Bonuses
Qualified distributors each earn a series of lucrative Infinity Bonuses on the sales of their entire distributor organization. Infinity Bonuses range from 1% to 10% and are paid monthly!
Matching Infinity Bonuses
BodyFX distributors can earn “Matching Infinity Bonuses” when leaders in their organization qualify for the top Infinity Bonus.
Production Bonuses
BodyFX rewards its high achieving distributors with a series of lucrative Production Bonuses which are paid out weekly!

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