ENERGY FX... Crazy energy for WORKOUTS!

Ok guys!  Energy FX is amazing!  A must have for a pre-workout drink!  I'm sooo amped right now... it's ridculous!!!! Check the website for more information on how to puchase...

Product information:
Energy FX is more than a quick fix. While typical caffeine sources or energy drinks leave you flat or even worse off once the buzz spikes and drops, ENERGY FX delivers real, sustained and safe effects. Whether you are looking to enhance athletic training and performance or take weight loss and productivity up a notch, Energy FX is the tool you need.
  • Increased fat loss
  • Improved, energetic workouts
  • Sustained energy for 6 hours without caffeine side effects
Human beings in every culture around the globe have an undeniable affinity for caffeine. The effects of this stimulant are well researched and documented, and the findings bring mixed reviews.

On the positive side, caffeine can improve alertness and focus, enhance metabolism and athletic performance, and even lower the risk of certain diseases like heart disease. On the negative side, it can disrupt sleep, cause anxiety, imbalance blood sugar levels and contribute to osteoporosis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

To make sense of the caffeine contradiction, you have to consider three important variables: dose, tolerance and your reason for consuming caffeine. There is simply too much gray area for a one-size-fits-all solution.

Energy FX modulates the dose to make caffeine consumption not only safe but actually beneficial for your fitness goals and lifestyle. The caffeine in Energy FX is microencapsulated and time-released over a 6-hour period into your bloodstream in a slow, controlled, modulated dose.

This steady 6-hour delivery period allows you to feel caffeine's benefits without dangerous "caffeine spikes" that over-stimulate cortisol, adrenalin and neurons in your brain.

While Energy FX is a safer, smarter way to consume caffeine, sensitive individuals should start with a modulated dose and monitor their reactions.


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